I created the concept for four cinematic spots with RhinoFX Creative Director Harry Dorrington, highlighting ATI's advanced chip technology. I was the initial storyboard, concept, and environment designer as well. The jobs were so massive and time intense that we brought in  other concept designers as well while I kept the storyboards flowing. The power of the real time render so important to gaming was highlighted here in a series of cinematic short films. The fights scenes were performed by stunt doubles and  recorded with motion tracking technology. We were very lucky to work with top stunt  talent from LA, including Laurence Fishburne's stunt double on The Matrix.  There was so much anticipation about the release of the first spot that too much web traffic crashed the servers. There were also toys and events surrounding the female protagonist named RUBY. Ruby remained a very popular icon for ATI for years. Check out this very surreal video clip from Taiwan.